A1 comprehension in Italian for kids: Ciro – il cane di Vera

Hello everyone! I created a new comprehension for A1 learners. It is designed to be used with kids, but you may find some new words or expressions.

What you will learn about presente indicativo

By reading this short comprehension test, you will learn to recognize and reuse the singular forms of presente indicativo in Italian.

Presente indicativo is one of the most basic and used verb tenses in Italian. It is used to refer to those actions or behaviors performed on a daily basis. It is indeed one of the topics you can’t skip!

Circo: il cane di vera (Comprehension test A1)

Il cane di una mia compagna di classe si chiama Ciro. Lui è un cagnolino molto bello e obbediente, perché ascolta sempre tutto!

Quando Vera torna da scuola, Ciro saluta sempre con grande allegria: abbaia, fa le feste e gioca con la sua migliore amica!

Ciro ha un anno, ma è già molto grande. Ha un naso piccolo piccolo, gli occhi neri e il pelo marrone. Anche io vorrei avere un amico come Ciro!

Learning activities!

Now it’s time to do some exercises! All the learning activities help you understand if you still need to work on a topic. Sometimes you have already passively learnt to use verbs or expressions, but you other times you may need additional work.

If you are a teacher, you can also use these activities in your class, so your students will engage more in the learning process!

Download the activity!

You can read the text on the web and do the exercises on Wordwall. If you are more comfortable with working on paper, you can download the text and exercises here!

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