Puntini sulle i

Where practicing Italian is a piece of cake

Do you know what does “Mettere i puntini sulle i” means?

It’s like correcting and constantly enhancing our work.

If you want to practice Italian online you’re in the right place!

Did you get it? Mettere I puntini sulle i means “cross the t and dot the i”

Here you’ll fin loads of blog posts about Italian language, culture and even some travel tips in the new section Be my Cicero.

Puntini sulle i legge libro imparare italiano online

Is there anything strange?

I’m working in my spare time to make this website available in multiple languages, so please be patient and DM me on Instagram if you need to read a page or an article in other languages 🙂

Are you already fluent in Italian? There’s an Italian version of the website, where I can express even more directly all my thoughts and contents about Italian language! It’s available on the top right corner of every page. 



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